wire in a fire

We stayed in New Year's Eve, rang in midnight with Belgian raspberry lambic ale and didn't make it much further than that. We've been playing the same Trivial Pursuit game for the last three days.
Saturday, N's mom had us up to her place in Lake Bluff for a dinner party. There was much food and many familials. N's cousin told us a story where he meant to call his brother-in-law's girlfriend a hare-lip, but instead uttered something nastier. The weather's been nice. Eye of hurricane nice. After dinner, N&I went to the Gallery and it was pretty dead. Garrett was playing a semi-scoustic set and smoking a one-hitter during his break. There was an incredibly wasted young woman hitting on Jim the Beatles guy, who is like 60 and fairly road-worn. One could say we rang in the new with a near-dying whimper.