Columbus by Day

N & I recently watched a doc. about C. Colon's true origin. According to the program, the man was a Spaniard, not an Italian. Believable enough, though they'll probably never teach that in the grammar schools.

Before setting sail under Spain's flag, Colon was a mercenary. He had actually fought against Ferdinand and Isabella's throne, which is why some surmise he masqueraded as Genovese. Once he planted their flag on the islands of the West Indies, he enslaved the natives to mine precious metals. His soldiers tested the sharpness of their swords by lopping hands off of children and leaving them to bleed to death. Five centuries later we still give a holiday to this man whose faulty maps eventually led him to St. Augustine.

Christopher Reeve died. I don't think I was ever really a fan. I've long believed equestrian to be cruel to the horses. I remember when Superman II was released; I was visiting my aunt and uncle in Puerto Rico and we stood in a very long line at the Cinema to see it. People recognized my uncle and let us cut in front of them. I never thought Margot Kidder was a very good Lois Lane. I remember feeling what may heve been my first prepubescent hormonal pangs for Ursula Andress in that movie and thinking General Zod resembled John Entwistle of the Who. I must have been 9 or 10.

I'm tired. My stomach is a churning mess. The kitchen smells of ripe red onions.