McKinley's park is meant to stay in the dark.

The wind talks a good game on the street, but the heavy, white cumulus stay still in the sky. See, I've been reading Algren's Nonconformity, so I'm apt to believe those with their heads aloft in the clouds may be impervious to the wind at street-level. There's a new pome of mine somewhat related, but I can't figure out how to make it indent on this blog page, so you'll have to catch it elsewhere. Yeah, I still attempt poetry (see below entries), even if I haven't made it out to any recent events (still hung-over, I think, from last month's 'fest').

This morning I walked around Chinatown seeking a replacement for the old Chairman Mao hat I used to love, but no dice. I mean, they have similar hats, but they're all bejeweled and marketed for ladies these days. Earlier, heading NE on Archer Ave. from McKinley Park, I saw the Sears behind bright billboards hiding the homeless living below. There is a bar right at Archer and Damen called El Toro Loco, or "the crazy bull," advertising excellent service for pretty ladies. Like a lot of the S. & SW. sides of town, there is not much else.

Today is Nyla's birthday (26) & I'm taking her to dinner & wine. No cake left in the rain today, which reminds me of a time circa. 1993 Longfellow & I stumbled around a Bowling Green drinkery speaking the lyrics of "MacArthur Park" as pickup lines to unsuspecting college girls. If you are wont to use such tactics (pick-up lines), don't use our approach. You're better off being direct, like the greek-letter-clad meatnecks in college who wooed away the aforementioned ladies with, "So, wanna get a 6-er and screw, or don't you drink?"