new stuff

My new chapbook, writing around reason, will be available by the end of next week for $6. Contact me, or find it soon enough at the usual places. I'm doing a book-release reading at the Cafe, 5115 N. Lincoln, on Tuesday the 30th. The day after is my birthday.

I spent the better part of today watching the dedication of the new Clinton Presidential Library. It's always kind of age-inducing to see ex-presidents gather, whether at one of these or at a funeral. Gerald Ford was too ill to attend, saving us any physical pratfalls to accompany the current President's verbal ones. It was cold and raining and Bono and the Edge performed and the ex-presidents blew sunshine up Clinton's keister. It was very phony. Very much like church.

a piece from the new book:


Bird feather, scratch
of old needle.
Cold outside & will get colder through
the week. Echo, snap of Roach’s kit
kicks quintet back into

outro. Charlie Parker always
best when leaves are turning, burned
in rusted

cans to keep warm the
fingerless gloves of Marine Dr. trolls

& my imagination r o l l s

E. from here
to the upper W. Side, Scrapple
From the Apple, an old flame now married

in Brooklyn, when
in Morningside never
heard so true the changing

chords. His horn
dances yet from out

of nowhere, drifting
on a reed. How deep

is the ocean.