rock, read and drop

Last Friday I played a solo set at the Green Door tavern in River North. It's an historic place, as it survived the fire 133 years ago and prohibition (was a speakeasy, they tell me). There's a nice cabaret room downstairs. Had a decent-sized crowd, though they'd come to see Steph, who had booked the show and headlined after my set. I had nearly forgotten how it felt to stand in front of an audience and play my music and have people actually listening. It was nice. The free beer was nicer.

Tuesday was my second poetry feature/book-release/birthday bash at Charlie's cafe poetry series. Like the rock thing, a good crowd, and some friends of mine even showed up (they normally wouldn't). Nyla brought a cake from Mandy B's and Charlie provided pie and marscapone from Trotter's to go. Those were all nice gestures, but the Jameson gift set from Anthony and Natalie took the aforementioned cake. N & I then went to Simon's with Joe and Cindy for some drinks. 33 feels OK. The next day, my actual birthday, Nyla took me to see The Motorcycle Diaries, which is not a bad movie. We had pizza and beer afterward, and now we're dieting again. I don't mind it, as the food is still good, but the lack of fat or simple starch really ups one's cravings, and we're eating like pigs.

We're losing weight, too, though, so it ain't all bad.