Nyla's internet went out again this morning. She just had a maintenance guy over two days ago and it's out again and with it the cable. Were I a tad more paranoid, or a tad less apathetic at this point, I would suspect the ministry of homeland security.

speaking of the internets, I was spammed by poetry.com. This is one of those "enter our poetry contest and win $XXX" scams where they get a bunch of kids and lonely old ladies to send in really bad poems about Norman Schwarzkopf or their pretty kitties and bilk them into dropping $40 on an 'anthology' of these submissions. I submitted a haiku to let them know I was onto them. Awaiting their response/solicitation to buy said anthology.

I was up early this morning, had a nice diet-friendly breakfast of lean turkey bacon and eggs with a spinach salad. I really crave whiskey and that Jameson bottle in my closet is looking mighty neglected. 1 more week until I can booze with a clean conscience.