Recieved word yesterday that a piece of mine's been accepted into the upcoming issue of "Monday Night." That's two acceptances in one week. Hopefully my recent art luck parlays into some sort of career luck.

Yesterday was CJ Laity's birthday and there was a roast for him at the Cafe. CJ is the webmaster at the site http://www.chicagopoetry.com and has been kicking around these parts much longer than me. I've only known him about a year, but I've managed to read at number of his events in that last year. He sometimes stirs things up, but sometimes things need stirring. It figured to be an interesting evening.

The crowd was decent, in spite of a Danteiian freeze that later gave way to an onslaught of snow. About half the open-mic folks took part in the roast. J.J. Jameson was reminiscent of old Friar's Club footage, Tom Roby did a good aping of CJ's recent 'punk-poetry' venture and Gregorio Gomez had us all in stitches. It was pretty cool. Even cooler was when David Gecic pulled me aside to slip me some cash for the chapbooks he's sold for me via his http://www.puddinheadpress.com site.