hope the Russians love their kitties, too . . .

FWIW, my revolution will not be digitized. It will be analog, though perhaps assisted by the digital.

One day, whilst fairly bored, I created a friendster profile for my cat, Dusty. He's a pretty smart cat, so under "schools" I put "U of Chicago," "post-doctoral" and "physical sciences." A few days ago, he recieved the folowing message:

Saturday, January 15, 2005 4:23:00 AM
Hello.My name is Mariya.I read your structure and it has very much liked me.Many a structure what that usual, but you has interested me!!!I could not find the half at us in Russia.And I have decided to try to search it in internet. My purpose of acquaintance to you for long relations and creations of family.If I have interested you also YOU want to learn me better.You can write that to me on my e-mail.Mine email:

It makes me think perhaps Dusty is the one who should be blogging, or at least the one who should be the protagonist of the things I write. It makes me wonder if people actually respond to these bots.