fixing their shit ...

Something about the feel of a newly starched shirt. Not too much starch, but when it's just back from the cleaners ... I never used to give a shit about what to wear, then I started dating a damned Libra. They'll brainwash you that way.

I'm set to grind an axe, or to 'fix everybody's shit,' as one of N's aunts put it one time.

So, N's renting a unit in a condo. Her mom owns said unit, but for some reason the 'condo association board' feels the need to meddle with N's mom's private holdings. Apparently N has been renting a bit too long for their own stodgy good. Thusly, this 'condo association board' has seen fit to dig up some old and self-important by-law stipulating an owner may only rent out their unit for 2 years. Never mind the underlying fact her mom owns the place.

What I really want to know is this: How is it people become so self-important? Especially in a time and place where we should all have loftier aspirations than meddling with such a non-situation. This is a small building and N has hardly been a bad neighbor, but because a few assholes are too dumb, blind or shallow to deal with their own ineptitudes, they find a need to gang up on her for no real reason. I hope to hell the next occupant of this unit makes life hell for all of these stodgy, smarmy jackholes. At the very least, there is now an added sense of satisfaction when our sex gets loud.

In Chicago: City on the Make, Algren wonders how it is "senators get so close to God." Well, I guess a senator at least has to do some work to achieve that seat. These 'condo association boards' and 'country club boards' and boards of whatever other kind, they just use these meaningless positions as a means to vicariously masturbate over delusional domination fantasies. Tsunamis, Global Terror, the decline of our own civilization ... and those pesky, meddling tenants.