I am the new year

“I am the sun/I am the new Year” -- Kim Deal

A actually walked the entire 2 blocks to the blue line today instead of waiting right outside for the bus. It must be winter even in Hell.

Last night we had some drinks and watched ‘Amelie.’ Today seems like a good enough day for a walk. After yesterday, anyway, which was Olscamp Cold.

I need to safeguard my journals from Ling. The ‘little badger,’ as Andre calls her, got into the house while I was out and swooped through things again.

So, this is writing through the block, as the say. I find it’s usually 90-98 percent block to two-10 percent workable material, but I *am* still sifting through the re-learning phase.

The answer? Write more, of course. Last night loosened me up and I worked a chord progression and new melody around my “going places” refrain. Maybe it is.